A Digital Readerboard? Is this something you have experience with?


I work with a local charity in Surrey who has recently converted a former TransLink shuttle bus to a Mobile Outreach Unit. It will be used by volunteer nurses/counsellors to provide mobile medical and counselling support to our street friends in Surrey and Langley.

I’m reaching out to VHS members because we would like to place message(s) on the bus’ installed front ‘Luminator’ reader board system to notify our street friends on the services are being offered on a particular night, but the system requires a password which we don’t have.

I’ve confirmed that the original company will not provide a password for a system which is being operated outside it’s originally intended use (ie. ShuttleBus Public Transit via TransLink) - which is unfortunate…

I did some looking around online for an alternative means of placing messages on the board and came across the following site:

As we don’t have any knowledge on how to do this sort of work ourselves, a friend suggested we reach out to VHS.

If this is something you have experience with and/or have done something similar in the past and would like to help out a great local charity, please me us ASAP by:

  1. Providing some links to previous related work; and
  2. If possible, let us know what this sort of project would cost in time and funds (ie. a rough A to Z ballpark is fine for now).

Thank you in advance!

~ The current light board is fully operational, but we’re unable to access the current ‘Luminator’ system.
~ I can provide some photos of the system via email to those who are interested in this project.


Oh this looks fun!

A good number of our members have done similar things, myself included.

Please share with me the pictures of the system, I’ll be able to provide more details. I’ll chat with interested members at VHS about what would be needed.

I’ll send you a direct message with my email.


Oh, and for previous projects like this, as my qualifications?
This board I designed and programmed does displays.

Here’s me hacking a smart plug.


I too am interested in helping with this, I have experience reverse engineering software, hardware, and even a blender. I have written a library to control an LED signboard before, and I have a functioning deathray. I will coordinate through Rob M.

LED Sign Controller:

Assorted Bona Fides:

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To all hackspacers, check out #i-am-a-bus-sign on slack for our internal tracking of this project.


Thanks for heading up/coordinating this project Rob!

I sent you back an email that we’re good to go, so if you’re up for meeting tomorrow in Langley to review the existing components, please let me know. Otherwise, we can meet early next week.

I’m looking forward to working with you and other VHS members.


I am reaching out to those involved with this project, to see if there’s some way to contact Rob MacKenzie and get an update.

I last spoke to him via phone and everything seemed to be going great with some minor debugging required to the digital readerboard prior to final install and he said he would get back to me on whether the upcoming weekend would work for him to install.

That was 2 weeks ago, and in that time, I’ve tried to connect with Rob via text, phone/message and email to get an update without receiving any reply at all…

From the beginning, I’ve fully understood and respected the fact that he’s a very busy guy, but at this point, I’m more concerned that something has happened to him without me knowing; as not getting any response from Rob at all, is out of character with the solid person I’ve come to know.

Either way, I’d truly appreciate any feedback anyone here could offer!

@Tonacious just to confirm. He’s alive and been made aware. There has been progress and we’ll be following up soon!

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@TyIsI Thank you for the update!

I’m so glad to hear Rob’s still alive and I trust he’s just been too busy to respond.

I have a meeting with other members of Mobile Outreach tomorrow morning and I’ll let them know that I should have an update for them soon.

That said, if you could give me some sort of timeframe for final install that would be great as I’m bound to get that question from the team.

Thanks again and have a great evening!

@TyIsI @Rob_MacKenzie I trust all is well with you both! I just thought I’d check in to see where things stand.

Thanks in advance and I hope you’re having a great summer!

@TyIsI @Rob_MacKenzie The team is asking me what is going on with the project as it’s been a month without any word…

Could either of you shed some light on where things stand, so I can let them know?

Thank you in advance.

I PMed about this