7 - 9:30pm Wed June 19th Pacific Woodworkers Guild Meeting


A reminder that the next Pacific Woodworkers Guild meeting is this Wed June 19th. Doors open at 6:30pm, meeting starts at 7pm.

Come on down and join us. All skills/knowledge levels welcome!

FREE for VHS members.
$5 per meeting for non-members (first meeting is free)


Tonight’s presentation is all about hand-cut dovetail joinery. Join us!


How’d it go? :slight_smile:


It was great! We learned about hand-cutting dovetails and saw some cool show and tell projects including this insanely great homemade height-adjustable work bench!


was the bench Yun Lam’s?


It was! He mentioned he works with you. :slight_smile:
We were totally blown away by how it was built.


This might be old hat for people but I’d love to see a router demo at the next meeting.