5V power supplies for sale, $1

Hi all,

I’ve got some AC-5V modules. A couple hundred.

The part number is ZWS15-5. They can source 3A, good for powering Raspberry Pis, or whatever else. AC cable not included!
I was able to tune one down to 3.6V, which is the upper limit of what ESP32s and other small microcontrollers can handle, but that is unsupported, and might end poorly! But it will sometimes work, in some circumstances.

Please buy lots, they are forcing me out of my home. Cost is $1, payable to VHS.


I’ll take 30…

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I’m in for 10. Thanks for donating proceeds to VHS.

Now if only you could pare down your couple hundred snowboards…

I’m down for a bunch. I’ll PM you

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I’ll take 40. Thanks!

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If there’s any left over i will pick up a couple

i’m in for 10 if you still got them

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Still lots more. Like, hundreds


I’ll take 10.

In for 10 too…

I’m in for 20 if there are any left.

I’ll take… five please

10 for me as well

I grabbed 30 and left $30 in the donation box…
Note that:

  1. There is a ton of cardboard dunnage used in packing these so please take some with you to avoid the Space having to deal with all of it.
  2. There are only 40 (packed in 2 boxes of 20) in each larger box so that means there are 50 left (just so @Jarrett knows)

Thanks @Jarrett as these are extremely handy…


Sweet, thanks, will replenish


I’ll take 5, thanks

If there’s more, I’ll take 10


I’m pretty sure the power supply well is bottomless at this point. :smiley:

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i just picked up 10 as well and there was still a ton

side question. what are connectors needed for these?

I made a box to put these in. I didn’t put in/out holes, since i figure people will want to add those themselves based on what cords are used. I just drilled out the hole on mine and soldered right to the pins.

Onshape Link (CAD)

Here are the STL files:

J power Supply box - Box.stl (2.5 MB)
J power Supply box - Lid v2.stl (29.6 KB)