3mm abs filament for sale

I have 6 rolls of 3mm abs 1kg spools, unopened, for sale. Mostly different colours. Will update soon with a pic. $20. Buy all of them and save $20. Can deliver to VHS on a Tuesday night.

Reply below if interested.

9x abs 3mm new
1x PLA 3mm new

Hey Dan, what’s the age on these?

I see they are sealed, do they have dissident in the bag?


Yes, I object. :Troll:

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Yes, they have desiccant in the bags.

Why must you troll every post I make? It’s not funny. Please cut it out.

Yo - mod here. I think Mist is making a joke about Mike’s spelling of desicant as “dissident”. It’s not my sense that he is trolling you Dan.

Yes, we had a good laugh in-person after he made that joke about how I misspelled it. It was purely a rip on me, which I quite enjoyed :-P. I’m sorry if it seemed like it was directed at you.

Thanks Dan for the heads up regarding the moisture control, however my need is now satisfied for what I was looking at filament for. I hope you find a buyer.

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Sounds good. Thanks Mike for clarifying.

Dan are you still looking to sell that filament?

Cool cool cool. I’m glad you found a solution.

@janet I love what you do for vhs. I know he’s joking. Between people fighting my ideas and joking about my shit I’ve had it. At this point I’m only a key holder on principle and, frankly, I question this expense. There’s an obvious reason the space isn’t growing. I can’t get into it publicly without starting a fight, which is part of the problem. I am too depressed to go there.

Is the filament still for sale Dan? If not I’ll close this thread. Thanks!

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Yes, the filament is still for sale. I sold a few and will be able to update the list when I am back in town on the 1st.

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I’ve made this thread unlisted for now, this is too much dirty laundry for a public thread.

Dan, if you have concerns about the way VHS is operating, as an organization and/or as a community, please email the board. :slight_smile:


Wow. I feel unheard, suppressed, and afaik no one has addressed my trolling concern. Plus now no one will buy my abs. Your knee jerk time criticism is triple suck. I need to remove myself from this unhealthy environment.

Please feel free to start another thread in members-only if you like, we just don’t want this particular kind of off-topic discussion out in the open where passersby can see it.


Please make two seperate threads. One for your filaments and another for your other concerns. This thread will be closed by the end of the day regardless of future replies due to it devolving into a one-sided argument.