3M 9050 overhead projector


Hey, VHS
There is almost new overhead projector we are willing to donate to you guys. if you guys are interested, could someone who is willing to pick it up swing by and get it this weekend and maybe pose for a photo op?

with love,
Free Geek Vancouver


That is a beautiful projector, it reminds me of high school math class.

I’d venture to say, however, that given we have a digital projector, most of what we’d use this for is serviced by that and/or a webcam + digital projector + laptop.

While our digital projector isn’t great, it is nice and small; I don’t think we have room for such a beast as that.

However, that’s just one member’s opinion.

Yes, thank you very, very much for thinking of VHS, we appreciate it!


Hello @FreeGeekVancouver,

We can use the optics, especially the Fresnel lens in our “Sunlight” concentration experiments at Point Roberts hackspace.



Could we please not tear down a perfectly good functional projector just to get the Fresnel lens out of it – YET AGAIN. There are plenty of old broken tvs on craigslist for that purpose.

If VHS can’t use it I would be happy to take it for art purposes - which would leave the projector whole and not create more waste.

FreekGeek I will leave that up to your ultimate wisdom. Would be happy to pick it up whenever works for you.

I am sure a few other places would also appreciate a working project such as Vivo Arts or WePress. Thanks for thinking of VHS. FreeGeek has been very good to us and we appreciate the offer!


I concur. It’s an intact and working projector, please let it go to someone who can use it.


We are offering to VHS first, but it would be taken apart, we’d be offering it to VIVO or WePress. this is a almost brand new unit, we’d like to see it reused it rather than recycled.


Sounds great! Since VHS really doesn’t need another projector imo it would be great for it to go on to be used at Vivo or WePress. Thanks @FreeGeekVancouver.


Agreed, we definitely appreciate you thinking of us and I’d rather see it go to a good home. There were times when I was looking for one to do things like project a drawing on a wall to trace over for painting a mural in my livingroom and things like that… IO’m sure someone will have a use for it.