3D printer tools & supplies


Is it too much to ask that people do not keep removing the 608zz bearing from the Prusa i3 spool holder to use for their figit spinners or other projects.

Also there is a ball-head hex driver missing from the Prusa i3 enclosure that is used for the bed leveling of the i3’s. This is something that I have only found on eBay so it takes a little while to replace. If you need to use a 2.5mm hex driver there is one in the set next to the small screwdrivers.


What size hex ball? I probably have one handy to donate. I just bought a 10 pack of 608zz and I will bring them in for the prusa. I just re-read this, it is 2.5mm? Is there anything special about it? I have a few lying around.


I ordered a 3 pack of the hex driver from ebay, but the 608’s would be great. I do have a 10 pack somewhere in my boxes of stuff. Thanks


I saw a hex wrench near the 3d printers today with a ball end, is that the one you are missing?

Also, head down to the rollerblade shop on Main and 1st/2nd? They are friendly to us and have offered some free used parts (wheels, bearings, etc) if we need them for VHS doings.


@mike black handle with red top.