3d printer things for sale

I have a few things i am looking to get rid of

2 fabrikator mini’s. (50 each)
added lights. sturdier base, glass bed. runs tethered with Repetier host software (not included)
great little first printers. May not be printing storm trooper helmets on these but you be amazed at how many small things you will find to print

3 containers of printer resin (50 for all 3)
bought them to experiment with some UV casting but they are not the right material for what i am doing. only a few grams missing from each



I’ll take the resin if it’s still available

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what works for you? did you want to come by my place and pick it up or have me drop it off at the space?

I’m right beside Lougheed mall.

I can come by your place if that works, I’m located in Burnaby

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wanna just text me to arrange a time?

sounds good

this is a public facing thread, maybe you want to hide the number?

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