3D Printer Repair Progress

Moved the printer back on the counter so that fitament spool doesn’t get stuck under lights (as found) and put a strip of blue tape indicating furthest forward position otherwise filament spool rubs on lights, cleaned the nozzle several times (which came out really clean each time so no prob there), tightened rollers - but still able to easily turn, check belt tensions, printed cube below which still shows some layers shift.

The extruder is making a high pitch squeaky noise. Took the cowling off and it doesn’t sound like the fans so maybe the stepper? Running out of time - so short new round of tweeking (flipping bed plate as center level considerable more off than usual wrt to corners, re-levelling bed and gantry, adjusting loose or over tight screws in extruder, tightened nozzle to hot end as it was kinda loosey goosey).
Planning on trying again on Thursday - will re-evaluate depending on how busy the space is with the Crawl. Ran out of time to test again so left note for anyone wanting to do a test after latest tweeking round to go ahead.

Cal Cube Gantry

Gantry extruder

Probs - seemed to be working fine til heater cable broke off inside heater barrel. Removed nozzle, fans, but left heater hanging gently as no obvious way to disconnect thermistor. Right fan looking pretty melty compared to left one which made it hard to remove. I made it even meltier when heating up the heating block - have taken it home to print off a new one in ABS - is that the best filament to use for this?
Tinerkine 1st look heater

Current status, cleaned the block, and extracted the old heater. Have taken the nozzle home with me to do a through cleaning and hopefully replace it on Thursday. Swapping a prusa barrel heater with same dimensions for the old Tinkerine (my GAAWD are tinkering replacement parts expensive) When I have any bandwidth will take a look at how to hack some of those parts.
Have taken the heater, nozzle/throat thingy, and fan covers home - their screws, including heater block set screw, have been re-screwed into whence they came so as not to get lost.

Tinerkine current state heater

heater barrels