3d printer donation

I know we’re already not really hurting for 3d printers, but we also don’t have any with a build height anywhere near 400mm. As such, I would like to permanently donate the Adimlabs (no relation) Gantry 3d printer to the space tonight.


A Big Thank you!

cool. is it sort of a cr10 clone with direct drive?

And it did it’s first print at VHS tonight. Thanks @Adam_Barlev I think it’s a great addition to the space.
It has a 300x300 bed so it can accommodate larger prints then the tinkerine and i3’s.
Also has great firmware so most things can be done via the LCD screen. I’ll look at setting up OctoPrint for it.
I moved the plywood frame i3 under the bench for now and will look for a suitable place for it when I have time.


AWESOME!!! Thank you @Adam_Barlev!

One issue I experienced with this printer was the X-axis limit switch being bent out of place, resulting in a failure to home. This small print may resolve the issue. The designer also has some other other files related to this printer.

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