3D Printed Sketch Template for Mona Lisa

VHS has a Loaner 3D printer available for VHS members .

My goal is to draw a group of Mona Lisa sketches using an Andy Warhol style. I wanted a quick way to get the proportions right at the start so I decided to make a template.

I’ve outlined the general process and tools used to create this template.

  1. Grab a Public Domain image of the Mona Lisa
  2. Process this image with Toonpaint and Affinity Photo to create a png stencil image.
  3. Import this png stencil image file into Inkscape and use “Scan Bitmap” to create and save this image as a Scalable Vector Graphic (svg) file.
  4. Next step is to import svg file into Fusion 360 and create a 3D model.
  5. From Fusion 360 export this 3D model as an stl file,
  6. Next prepare the gcode for 3D printing from the stl using Slic3r
  7. Finally run Pronterface to do the actual 3D printing.

Below is a few snaps of the 3D printing and final results.

Pronterface interface to the 3D printer

Starting the First Layer

The finished Print.

Shadow casting is pretty cool.

Template on a blank page.

Quick pencil outline as the start of the sketch.
All that work above just to get this. Whew!

First attempt. Obviously needs work but looks promising

Would love to see your projects! Post them here.