3D-printed luggage repair

The button to extend the telescopic handle on this suitcase broke. There isn’t really any space to add reinforcements to repair the broken piece, so I printed a new one.

Luckily for me, someone else had the same issue and made an STL available. There are similar files out there for lots of other luggage brands as well. I suspect there aren’t actually a lot of variations.

PLA at 20% infill with 1.2mm thickness for walls and top/bottom shells. It seems to be plenty strong enough. We’ll see how long it lasts!

Here’s the file I used, in case it’s useful for someone else:


I am amazed at what you can find on thingiverse. I had an HP T610 thin client computer which I wanted to put a 2.5" SSD drive into. I saw some hacks where others had used zip ties etc, but looked on thingiverse and found the exact design needed.

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