3 piece electronics kit for donation

Hi there!
I have a Make 3 piece electronics kit, never used, for donation. Due to time constraints I could never start learning and now other things have taken precedence.
I guess the first interested member to reply will get it and I can drop it in the workshop at some point.

Hi. So I’m a bit of a techie when it comes to computers and button having things, have always wanted to get into small, simple from the circuit drawing electronics doing-ing, but never have gotten over the “some day” hump…

Is this a thing that, if i do the thing like actually do and learn what it teaches, i will learn that skill?

I don’t know anything about what a “make 3 electronics kit” is, did a quick search, but want to make sure i have the right idea here…

Figure you might have a better idea. =)

If the answer is yes then I would ADORE this!

Hi Omid,
This is just a kit with different components like leds, cables, solder, etc. Basically a bunch of stuff to get you started with electronics projects. But it won’t teach you how to do it

I bought the kit through this website although it’s not available anymore

Thank you for the reply! While tempting, i’d like to leave it open for the moment in case someone that REALLY wants it comes across your offer. But if nobody does in a week or so, i may take it!

Hi @Chain_reaction thanks very much for your offer of the electronics kit. I’d love to take it off your hands if you wouldn’t mind dropping off to the space on any tuesday evening open night (from 6 - 9pm) with my name on it. Just ask anyone at the space to put it in our physical drop box. I’ll be using it for my own projects and to teach kids to solder. Parts I won’t use I’ll share with other members at the space.

Thanks again - much appreciated. And let us know if you ever need anything from VHS.


Hi Janet!
Apologies for the late reply.
Another member direct messaged me before you so I regret to inform it’s no longer available.
Really sorry about that


Hey @Chain_reaction no worries at all. Thanks for donating!

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I believe these were dropped off in the space for you. I will leave them in the lounge so they are out of the way

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I’ve moved these to the drop box locker