2017 VMMF a week later


I thought I’d give a short rundown on the 2017 VMMF info booth.

We had consistent traffic through the booth as did the “learn to solder” booth.
I worked both days on the booth and got to talk to a lot of people about VHS and it’s equipment, people and projects.
Some of those have visited the space and I hope they will become members. Though most people were at VMMF to see technology in action I did speak to a few people who were looking for a space like ours.

As usual @Janet Makey Makey was a hit with kids of all ages, as were all of @packetbob projects, as were the LED wall and button maker.

Even though 3D printing is pretty much mainstream these days there were a lot of people wowed by the Tinkerine and we got to talk about the whole process. The giveaway 3D printed frogs and Darth Vader rings were popular too.

A couple of fun moments for me;
Often when we gave kids 3D printed frogs we suggested they give it a name - one girl who was probably six thought for a second then said “Captain Underpants” Two thumbs up from me!

The other was the impromptu beer garden session after closing on Saturday. I got to sit and chat with a lot of makers after a hectic day on the floor. Since I was driving I didn’t have a beer myself - but there was a cold one waiting for me when I finally got home.

For next year? Laser cut business cards, more interactive displays.
Thanks to everyone who helped with both booths. I think they are worthwhile in gaining new members which will help us move to a bigger and better space.



I’ll be posting my post mortem later, but thank you for posting this!