2.4mhz Piezo atomizer circuit


Hi all,

I am Mostafa a keyholder, for the past couple of months I have been developing an IOT based Scent Diffuser. I am currently designing an Ultrasonic Piezo Atomizer driver circuit that can generate 2.4mhz and 12vdc. Are there any electronics experts that can suggest me what components to use? I got some suggestions that I can build the circuit using Mosfets. What do you suggest?

Thank you for your time and support.


Do you have a link to the ultrasonic transducer you’re using?


Look for “Hyperthermia Ultrasonic MOSFET Drivers”, remember making one long time ago.
Cheapest overall circuit would be LM386 based, a popular Single Supply Audio IC that be used in the Ultrasonic range if you are prepared to accept the increased Harmonics (that shouldn’t be a problem).


N-Channel MOSFET + Cheap Low side (Common Source) mosfet driver DS0026 or equivalent (or make one from complementary PNP-NPN BJT pair) could be cheap and scaled up in power as well.


PCB Layout of MOSFET Drivers: Make high di/dt loops as small as possible, by making a driver-gate-MOSFET source ground “island”.


The LM386 has a bandwidth of 300 Khz. While this does technically, get you into the low end of the “ultrasonic” range, it’s too low for the 2.4mhz frequency Mostafa specifies.

Considering how cheap they are, I’d suggest a ready made oscillator, like those made by Fox:


Then, I’d couple that to a mosfet to drive the piezo element.


I want to first test the circuit with a protoboard before designing a pcb. What do you think would be a good idea? Have you ever used any oscillators for protoboards?




This is the piezo that I am planning to use. Thanks!


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