1990s CCTV system from Radio Shack

When I was aged around twelve years, meaning in around 1999, I bought this CCTV system from a Radio Shack store in Metro Vancouver. It has a greyscale CRT video monitor, shown being (over)driven at 800×480 by the composite video output of my Nokia N900 handheld computer in the above photograph, with inputs for up to four cameras. Each of the cameras has a microphone so the person watching the video monitor can speak with someone near the camera using the Talk button on the video monitor. It can automatically cycle through the camera inputs, showing the image from each camera at once for a few seconds but I do not remember if it supports a split-screen mode to show the image from multiple cameras on screen at once. I only have one camera for it, though. Each camera is connected to the video monitor using a single, thick cable that carries all of power, video, and audio. The video monitor also has normal composite video input, which I used to confirm that the video monitor still works after being powered off for probably at least a decade. I still have all of the parts of this system on my living room table at home since I got it out of storage back in May to see if it even still seems to work but I have not yet tried to connect the camera to the video monitor. The camera probably still works, though. The video monitor is designed to be connected to a system to record and play back the video from the cameras. Because this product is from the 1990s or earlier, it uses the term VCR but I think any system with composite video and analog audio, presumably line level, connectivity can be used, including a solid-state computer system. It looks like I still have everything, other than the original packaging (assuming that it originally came in a non-generic box), in good, working condition. I have the original paper user manual. However, I have just been hoarding this equipment in storage for probably at least 1.5 decades by now. I already have other composite video monitors from the 1980s, a monochromatic green one and a colour one, that still work so I do not need this video monitor for use as a composite video monitor. Anyway, does anyone have a serious use for this equipment now around two decades after I bought it? I have been considering offering it for sale on Craigslist but it seems like a lot of work when I guess the secondary (used) market value of this system is now only around 50 or 100 CAD? I am not currently at home but if someone is interested then I can try to test the camera and get more photographs or specifications, such as the length of the cable for the camera.

Edit #1: The camera still works. The combined cable for the camera is much thinner than I thought so maybe I was thinking of the size of the connector instead of the cable. I took some more photographs tonight: