18650 VTC6 Cells Available (sold)

I have about 150 Sony VTC6 18650 cells. I purchased them from EVWest but had to buy 200 at a time. I’ve been holding onto them for future projects but I’m happy to sell them if anyone else would like some. I would sell them for $4.25 each (I’m not making any money on this). I can also include the battery shrink needed for safety. The cells are great quality and have a good balance of both capacity and discharge amps.

I’ve made a few battery packs that include the BMS and specifying chargers as well. I also have a battery spot welder that I’m happy to leave at the space if anyone wants. Please feel free to slack me if you want more details.



That’s amazing! Thanks for making these available :slight_smile:

I’m trying to fix a battery back for an electric skateboard and would love to buy some of these batteries. However, I’m not sure how many I need yet. I will get back to you soon. Thanks!

Here is a pic of the inventory of these if anyone is interested.


Amazing, I’ll take 40

Brian - Do you have any cells still available?

@sampath I still have 120 available.

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Is it lame to buy two of these?

No problem at all @Goatwind. These are actually great cells for flashlights and vaporizers too.

I’ll take 10 please. Do you have any of the nickel strips to make battery packs?

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@hectorh There are nickel strips in the tool box with the battery spot welder. Free to use that until it is gone and needs to be replenished.

Let me know when you will be at the space next. I live a 5 minute walk away so can be flexible.

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@Brian_Stubbs I’d like to take 100 please - would that be possible?

I’m planning to be in the space tomorrow - Would some time work better for you?

Hi @sampath - I think this about takes the last of the cells. No problem to take the last of them.

I was hoping to be at the space tomorrow but haven’t had a key holder confirm they will also be there. I’ve got 9am - 12pm free to be at the space. If you are free to meet me there at some point I can bring them by.

I can meet you there at 10! Does that work?

I’ll definitely stick around for a couple hours so if there’s no one else at the space I’d be happy to keep it open.

Any chance you would also have the heat shrink and the insulator rings for the batteries as well?