I saved this from a garbage cart in the hallway of BCIT many months ago:

It comes in a brown box covered in shipping labels filled with loose parts.

Let me know if you want it for something.

Robot arm

hey! I would love to have this for playing around with at the space!
make a great conversation piece on care free days as well


Hi @MCTaylor17,
Thanks for resuscitating this one armed guy!
We would love to have this at the space!


Ok, I’ve delivered the poor orphaned robot to VHS. It’s sitting in a plastic back on top of the bigger robot arm.

I was really hoping to find a simple VHS logo to put on it’s back, but nobody could find any. I gave it a VHS sticker bracelet, but it doesn’t look as good as I had hoped.

Poor thing has had such a hard life. I hope it gets some well needed attention.


Delivery Day Photo:


Thank you @MCTaylor17!


10/10 would high-five that robot riding down the street


What’s the1-armed version of Doc Ock? Is that like ‘The Fugative’ mixed with ‘Spiderman’?


Dr. Dandy Long Legs?