1/4-20 to Go-Pro Adapter


I just bought this gooseneck adapter so that I could get tighter shots while taking timelapse photos.

Unfortunately my stand only has a male 1/4-20 thread and I can’t think how to attach the gooseneck.

Here is a picture of what I’m working with:

The best I can think of would be to take a small block of aluminum and tap a hole on one side, then adhering one of the GoPro adapters.

I’m wondering, is there an easier solution that I’m not seeing or don’t know about?

Bonus Question: What thread is that on the Bluetooth speaker?


we have kits at the space you can use to ID threads
haul everything down and you can figure it out for certain


You can buy them pretty cheap.

Otherwise I might have a spare I can get you from work.

Edit: You can force a clip end into the 1/4 20 tripod adaptor on the light stand and then clip the gooseneck into that right?


Another option is you might be able to find something suitable to 3D print on Thingiverse.

The threaded portion could be tapped into the plastic, or you could use a captive nut, a tee nut, or an insert nut.



I wish I read that before hitting the one click purchase on Luke’s find.

I think I’m probably going to buy a small bag of those things you linked. After so many years watching the frugal filmmaker, I never saw him use those.


For this type of work I prefer these types of threaded inserts. They take less room and look much better on the finished piece.




Oh yeah, those look much easier to work with too.


Have you found one yet? i have like 5. i can spare one for sure


Sorry, I would have but I already pressed the button. Thank you for the offer though.


That’s funny pressed the button I like that.