Yo dawg, I heard you like lathes


On the little wood lathe we have lost the inner insert to the live center.


But luckily, we have just the tool for fixing that! A lathe!

I mounted a rod of scrap steel to the lathe and turned it down a bit.

Once I got close to diameter, I turned a point then took it off the lathe to double-check the fit.

I parted it off, here it is ready for assembly.

Luckily we have a box of set screws. I found a matching setscrew and installed it!

Tada! Fixed!

I should probably do it again, because I can get the fit a bit closer. I should learn how to use one of those inside hole sensing devices to get the exact size, because I don’t think I got a good measurement from my calipers. There’s a slight bit of wobble, but it is better than we were (without one). I’ll probably remake this at some point, but now we have something that works.

Yay lathes!


Okay - that is amazing. Being able to machine your own replacement parts is pretty sweet.


Cool @mike!


Using our tools to fix our tools? Favorite~!


@Stevemopolis took a quick look at the work last night; it looks like my measurement issue could actually be based on the geometry of the hole; we think it might be a taper!