WORKSHOP - WLED Pixel Controller - $35.00 ($40 for non-members)

Want to start playing with addressable LEDs but don’t feel comfortable with programming an Arduino or dealing with cryptic code and libraries?
Always wanted to solder something but scared to try?
Need some animated LEDs for your cosplay project?
Want an easy to build project for your child?

Then this workshop may be for you. It will include a small easy to put together Wi-Fi enabled ESP8266 based LED controller that runs WLED . Also included is a 1 meter length of WS2812 addressable LEDs and an AC power supply (no case or mounting hardware is included)

You can find more build details here:

The cost is $35 per participant for VHS members and $40 for non-VHS members. $5 (or $10 in the case of non-members) of each kit is donated to the VHS.

The workshop takes about 2 hours and will include basic information on using addressable LEDs and WLED… We will then assemble the kits and get you controlling your LEDs. You will need a Wi-Fi enabled device (laptop or smart phone) for the workshop to access your WLED controller…

As for dates I can pretty much cater to the desires of the participants. I prefer Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings but can pretty much accommodate anythign that works for you. I try to keep the groups to less than 4 people…

The kit does require soldering (we will use the soldering equipment at the Space) and I think it’s suitable as a first soldering kit for kids (YMMV)…

Get carried away and your house can look like this: