Work using EL wire



I need some work done with EL wire. I’m making some art pieces that I would like to have lit. They are actually very simple, but I’m just running out of time to do the actual work. If I could get someone to help out that would be great. There would probably be a few days worth of work…(I guess it depends how fast you are).



Hi Joseph,

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest dropping by the space on a Tuesday night to see if your project catches anyone’s fancy. It would probably also help to post a picture or three here :slight_smile:


Yea, that’s a great idea…but I missed yesterday’s meeting - I just found out about you guys, and I’m under a huge time crunch. Another week I really don’t have.

I will do that if nobody responds, but I’m really desperate, and just want to get going (well, get someone else going) on it.

I have to keep the actual nature of the project secret unfortunately, I’m developing a product and it can’t be revealed just yet.

All I can show anyone is some EL wire, an inverter, and a wall wart, and how long the pieces of wire need to be…pretty uninspiring… :frowning:


It might help to state if this is a paid job and how much you’d be willing to pay.


thanks for the suggestions guys. I don’t post for help wanted very often.

Right…to be clear…I’ll definitely pay for the work.

I’m not sure what to offer - I’d like to see what folks are asking, and we’ll negotiate from there…It’s pretty simple work…I hope that sounds fair (?).


I think a good starting point for a project with so many unknowns would be:

$40 per hour.
8 hour minimum charge.
A 50% non-refundable payment up front before work starts.
You would have to provide/purchase all project materials.

fwiw I am not able to take this on at this time.



That’s it.

I’m done here.


Thanks for the interest. Just closing this thread as help no longer needed. Cheers.