Woodworking Tool Safety and maintainance day


I Want to get a day real soon that some of us can get together to help out in the wood shop. Some of the tools are in need of repair. I have already repaired the miter saw. Any takers for this coming weekend? Ill also be building the table for the new cnc router!

A few items that need addressed asap in the shop.

  1. Proper dust extraction. Ican mount our extractor hi up on the wall, then run approx 4 hoses for suction at certain stations.
  2. Repair power tools and set up some of the other tools.
  3. Get rid of crap that has nothing to do with the wood shop
    4)Run a few air lines for air tools.

Id like to know if i can spend some money for the dust system asap please! thats fittlings, hoses, and dust pan unit. i can put together a quick budget today.
Thanks ALL!!!


This sounds awesome. What day were you thinking? I have some plans this weekend but I’ll try to slip out for a few hours to help if it aligns.

There’s also a few things that still need to happen for the jointer.

Can we put together an equipment request for the tubing? The tubing will be useful for the next space, and it will increase the quality of the space significantly, so I’d certainly make a pitch for that (and I assume it can’t be that expensive).


I’m definitely up for helping, likewise I have plans but let us know when you’re thinking of and I can try work around it.


I suspect ill be around on Saturday, but can’t commit until I figure out when Thanksgiving celebrations with the family are happening.


Sounds great,

The Tablesaw needs additional work:

a) someone (Peter?) pointed out that the sled doesnt work on the new saw.
b) I discovered that when ripping wood, theres nowhere for your wood to go, other than fall off the table and either onto the ground or into the drive train (which isnt protected). I tried attaching a piece of plywood with some tape as a quick fix but my work got trapped on the tape causing good hardwood, to get trashed by the blade (before I could turn it off).



That sled needs to go. The metal strip at the end would be detrimental to any blade hitting it.

Apparently there’s a whole lot of abandoned wood in the back, which could be used for making a new sled!


So due to a long weekend and all. Ill leave it faurly free. I will be there most of the weekend. That being said, ill be building the base, or table for our cnc machine that luke is working on. It’s my goal to have that completed. So while working on that, I’ll be working on cleaning up the woodshop. So I’ll give a more detailed account in a few days.


Yes the table saw needs space! being we are on very short supply, Perhaps we can all put our heads together and find a solution.