Wood donation and sharing for member projects

I posted this on slack the other day, but I figured I’d post it here since it’ll stay up longer.

I brought in some of my project wood leftover from making christmas presents last year. I’m willing to share the bigger pieces, but please send me a message if you use some so that I can keep track of how much I have left, so that I have enough to make christmas presents later this year. These big pieces are labelled accordingly, so there’s no confusion.

I also donated bucket of smaller pieces that are unlabelled. Hopefully these are useful for things like inlays, accents, or cutting boards. Go ahead and use the bucket pieces freely.

The types of wood are:

  • figured maple
  • walnut
  • oak
  • cherry
  • wenge (dark brown, but a bit splintery like oak)
  • padauk (orange/red colour when cut, but darkens to a burgundy colour as it ages)


Sounds like we need to have a Yosegi night:

Also a reminder that there’s some nice straight-grained cedar and some walnut scraps in the big trunk on the floor by the CNC. That’s mostly used up now (good job everyone) but still some nice pieces in there.


We definitely have enough glue for it!

On a side note, it looks like the process of gluing wood together to make yosegi can is similar to what I’ve seen people do with polymer clay. Faux-segi?

Or make patterned bread and call it Dough-segi?


the polymer clay thing has its own name. millefiori i believe it’s called

i have been looking for some cherry and walnut specifically to augment my cutting board project. will definitely check out the stock, thanks!

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