Why is VHS so filthy?


Sorry for the clickbait title. I don’t actually find VHS particularly filthy (not yet anyways).

I just wanted to share this because this guys approach seems very much in line with that of VHS. For example, he uses the phrase “disruptive positive anarchy” which feels like it could be the VHS slogan.

Take a looksy:


I’ve watched this before. Has some very good points.

One of the things that has come over the years is having hired people to clean up the shop. But one of the big reasons not too is because it tends to lead to more mess being made. It’s not that 100% of us would do less to clean up. But there is a percentage who would.


Yeah, when I worked at HiVE co-working downtown, I was there to supervise events and coordinate with the event coordinators. Show people around the space and whatnot. I would also do some front desk duties. None of the staff there were paid to clean the kitchen. In fact, several weeks of work there was unpaid (although the internship scandals hadn’t rocked Vancouver yet at that point).

Anyways, everyone was told (through on-boarding and contracts) that it’s a communal space and everyone is to respectfully clean up after themselves. When I arrived, the system was somewhat working although it was still pretty messy. Being keen and whatnot, I would chip in and clean up if there was nothing to do. As you say, I’m pretty sure, the more I cleaned, the more dishes piled up. Disgusting stuff too like tea bags in the sink. Who does that… anywhere?

Needless to say, I became just a little more cynical after that job.