Who's Quadrocopter is that?


You might have seen the quardrocopter lying around at the entrance of VHS. I noticed that no one has done anything with that half finished quadrocopter since I was at VHS for my first time. It also has no name on, it only a VHS sticker.
I got told that it belongs to a guy called @jon (I hope thats the right one).
If you know anything about this quad please tell me because I have all the missing components for the quadrocopter lying around and would like to get it to fly.


Hey Moritz - that’s the right @jon.


Hey, yes, the wooden quadcopter was mine.

It was an evolution of a kit from a quadcopter workshop we ran back a couple of years ago. The upgraded frame was designed by garth, and the plans are online here. Not the lightest frame, but it’s rugged, and only a couple bucks worth of plywood.

When I moved, I donated it to the space as a prop for the display cabinets (after stripping the pricier electronics ;-)).

I have no problem with someone wanting to upgrade it and get it flying, but would prefer that it remain with VHS as an example and not get picked apart by a member for their own parts unless it’s more broadly agreed on to toss it in the bins.


ok thanks you.
I would realy like to get it to fly.
The only proplem is that i will go back to germany in 2 months. So ether I have to leave it at VHS and dont have much of my work or I take it with me and it’s not in VHS anymore :grimacing:

Well anyway I will start working on it just for fun and we can then later decide what happens with the quadrocopter. This will be bether than having it lying aroun with the motores fallng of.