Which andriod phone?


I am looking to purchase a cheap andriod 7 phone. This will my wipeable work phone for my many border crossings.

I would like to avoid built in carrier and vendor wear. My work requires that install corp wear.


My Nexus 5X was cheap and is really great. The rear-mounted fingerprint
sensor is a killer feature that I’m worried will never be available on a
future phone.


Moto G5 is a decent enough phone. Not sure if it’s pure android tho.


I got a ZTE grand X4 with my phone plan. It’s pretty decent, simple and reliable. If you’re looking for something that does the job without extra fancy eclusive features, it can do the job…


Thx for the recommendations

The corpware I need install requires andriod 6 or andriod 7

And I want to be able upgrade in order to protect against this known
ble security vulnerability.



I have done a little research and I have found that moto 5G will most likely not receive updates.

However, moto 4G (plus) will receive updates.

For this reason a moto 4G is a better choice than 5G.


I have 2 Nexus 5’s for sale. $130 on CL (each), VHS price $100 (each)


I’m on the verge of ordering this Moto E4 (standard version).

Like you, I’d prefer a skinless Google phone with years of potential updates (my Nexus One finally died) – but I don’t feel like dropping $1k on a Pixel or $400 on a compromise: a Nexus 5X. I’m considering @SteveRoy’s offer!

On the plus side, the E4 comes factory unlocked, with Android 7.1 (and NextRadio claims it’s supported). Hopefully the Motorola skin isn’t too obnoxious :stuck_out_tongue: I expect the build and performance will both suck – but it’s cheap! The G5 advertises better build and performance and it’s also cheap – is it worth the extra $100?

While I’m compromising, there’re even budget-er-er options – like from BLU … They have about the same pros and cons as the E4 … My gut tells me the E4 skin will suck less and receive better community support – I’ve no evidence for that, though!


If you don’t mind jumping through a few hoops, it’s possible to buy a new
LG G5 for less than $200:


A year ago you would have had to pay triple that… It’s the only powerful
phone that comes with a removable battery (as far as I know), it’s easily
unlockable, but not possible to gain root (yet…, locked bootloader).


I changed my mind: I’m now on the verge of ordering this Mi A1.

I only just learned about Android One: skinless Android on low-cost phones, with at least two years of upgrades to the latest Android version.

The Hong Kong Goldway shop sells the variant with LTE band 4 (plus others), which I’ve read is an asset in Canada, and offers USD $15.07 DHL shipping to Canada.This reddit wiki has information on some other shops.

And it allows dual SIMs :slight_smile:


I am thinking of the Brazillian moto E4 plus, because it supports aws.
Allowing me to use cheaper mobilicity and wind networks.

For the info about Android One https://www.android.com/one/, I also most
purchased the Brazilian moto E4 plus. I will take a look this phone.


What about a cheap one like this:


fasttech does not seem to be as updateable.
fails security requirement see previous described BLE exploit.

The Android one phones, are more updateable.


Have you considered rolling your own rom and patching the bluetooth exploit yourself?

Ive compiled cyanogenmod for my phone before, its not too hard and something you could easily handle.


I will do that for my oneplus one phone.

I need one phone to use while I hack the other one :blush:


I received my Mi A1! All told, it was about $350 CAD after exchange, shipping, and customs fees. I’m super happy with it so far!