What will happen 23rd of September 2017? Get Ready The Revelation 12 Sign 23rd of September 2017


I hear many people get offended hearing about religion, they should not. At least, I will not be blamed for not warning. The video was recorded with help of Stellarium software (available free of charge for download) by an unknown to me scientist. I saw the video yesterday for the first time. In God we trust.


To each their own.


I’ve got the Kool-aid ready and waiting. How many matching pairs of Nikes do we need to order?


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If only, Toma, if only…


Well, did anything happen?


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i think that’s actually the apocalypse that was prophesized?


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There was an earthquake throughout North America, with the hardest hit in
Mexico City. I heard from one person 500 people recovered dead and recovery
was in the process yet. Before that, on the day the earthquake happened,
radio told me 2000 people were dead in Mexico City only. Hurricane Irma,
and everything else in the world that we do not hear, or that is beyond
one’s capability to observe and to keep track of, I find it to be more
scientific disastrous facts that prove the Bible right +> %1000. It does
not heart to be faithful hacker.


Irma only hit Puerto Rico partially and that was Sept 6th and had disappeared by the 12th
Maria was the Hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico and that was on the 20th.
The earthquake happened on Sept 19th and it did not hit all on North America. Probably a lot bedrooms but that happens daily.

Donald Trump did Tweet about the NFL, that day but he’s been an ongoing natural disaster in the US since about 1985.

You are welcome to your own opinions. But you are not welcome to your own facts.

PS Please don’t try to turn the VHS space into a bomb shelter. We have some classes to run over the next couple months. And if you tried to stockpile any dry food goods we probably will eat them.


Still, as biblical predictions go, the date is easily within a standard deviation. I don’t think Nostradamus was any more accurate than that. Plus, he did say the bible was right %1000, which is a mindblowing statistic, and you haven’t taken any issue with that…o my lawyer side is showing again damn.


Well I’m no expert so I can not either agree or disagree with the 1000% accurate. Perhaps its only 900% accurate I can’t say. There is the case that there is no actual explanation about which bible he refers to. Could be the Roman Catholic church’s current version of the King James or it could Heaven’s Gates version. There is even a Bible for Satanist.

Least that’s my opinion from my previous times spent viewings TV law shows.

I do agree about Nostradamus being about as accurate. I bought shares in Enron based on reading his verses and hoping soon they’ll make a comeback.


What that even mean?
10x accurate vs 9x accurate?

In very high reliability engineering we aime for .9999 (error free) accurate but are content with .999 (error free) accurate. Accuracy of 1 is perfect unachivable accurancy


I take it to be beyond engineering concepts and into the mistical. 1000% accurate is like when there’s a prediction about, say, the flyby of an alien mothership, and the prediction not only nails that, it also predicts unusual tides, bitcoin fluctuations, aliexpress shipping times, etc etc. In that sense 900% is not that bad, unless it misses the one you really care about


But hold on. Suppose given the choice between an (estimated) investment return of 1000% and -110%. (For the sake of argument assume walking quickly in the opposite direction was not an option), which would you choose? The fact that both numbers are slightly out of bounds isn’t too important. In judicial reasoning this is called a “common sense approach” (yes it’s actually a thing), which allows one to make decisions without getting too hung up on technicalities like reasoning processes.


“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” Matthew 7:15–23


Following these words, we keep ourselves safe from false
religious leaders, prophets, in fact all false leaders of men.


…As I’m sure other religions also have different and similarly valuable perspectives as well.