What type of connector is this?

Any ideas on what type of connector this is?
It’s on a small string of LED’s that powered by 3x AA batteries.
I was wanting the to power them from a 5v USB phone charger.

yes, I could probably cut/solder/shrink tube a usb cable onto them :slight_smile:

JST but I would search “2 pin JST”. There are a bunch of specs under that classification.


I think I have some JST connectors if you need them.

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Thanks. @Gear105 I need 3 of them if you have spares

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I will pull will pull them out today and confirm they are the right type. I have them labeled in my inventory as just JST.

@Gear105 Thanks, though I have found some on Amazon that are reasonable if you don’t find them. Mine measure 2mm between the pins

Sorry mine are 4 pin.

@Gear105 thanks anyways, I’ll grab some from amazon

none at the space? I’m in on Friday. Let me know if you haven’t looked already and I’ll dig around.