What training do you want, and when. Quick Poll

Hey VHS,

I’m curious to know what tools people are interested in getting trained on or skills they wish to learn. I have some free time and am familiar with many of the tools at the space, (mostly laser, cnc, 3d printers) so I’m looking to see who needs training and when we can make that happen!
For all the other tools I don’t know it should give us a good idea of where to focus our efforts etc.

Also if its not on the list just post it below i’ll try include it.

  • 3D Printer
  • Laser Cutter
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • CNC Machines
  • Metal Lathe
  • Table Saw
  • General Wood Shop
  • Soldering
  • Circuit Board Design & Fabrication
  • Welding

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I want welding also but I missed checking it. Also was talking to Steve Fairbairn tonight about doing some tablesaw training this fall if folks are interested.

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Manual mill would be great too

Hi @Lukeo
I am new at VHS (I came to the Tuesday open house on the 20th) and would really like to learn how to use the CNC machine. If it doesn’t get enough support in the poll, could I set up a time to work with you directly to learn how to use and care for the machine?
(I am also interested in using other tools in the woodshop and have experience with woodworking, including table saws, chop saws, radial arm saws, drill press, etc. already but would love to have an orientation to the specific tools in the VHS shop to ensure safe and proper use.)


Thanks @Lukeo I wanted to actually ask if anyone could help me at the next open house (Aug 27th) with the reflow oven. I’m reading the wiki on how to use it but was advised that I’d need a legendary member to show me it or risk trying it myself. I was going to make a topic but it seems logical to ask here first.

Hi @GraphicJon, do you have a project ready to go for it?

I’d recommend starting a project page with what you intend to do so you can get some up-front help if this is relatively new for you. If you are just new to this specific oven, it isn’t hard, but it is still worth getting the rundown.

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Thanks @mike I’ll do that first.


The reflow oven is surprisingly easy to use, its mounting all your components that is the hard part!

But I’m sure, me or anyone else who has used it can give a run down. I’ll try make it down for tuesday 27th as well.

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Hey Ann,

Yes there’s been lots of interest and I’ve been very slowly putting together training materials but I’m happy find a time to give you a run down and a bunch of home work to follow up on.


Is this where we post that we need laser cutter training? Is there a formal class-type training thing required or can someone just show me how it works?