Visited Brisbane Hackerspace


I’m visiting Australia for a while and thought I’d drop in on the Brisbane Hackerspace (HSBNE) to see what their space was like. It’s a short drive out of Brisbane in a fairly industrial part of town. They have an amazing amount of space - I think roughly 4500 square feet - and some pretty cool equipment. Some stand-outs for me was an industrial injection molder (boy would that have saved me some time), plastic vacuum former, kiln, and forge. I had a nice visit, and definitely recommend checking it out if you’re ever in the area. Now some pics!

They had a few of these 3D printers hooked up with Octoprint.

I think this is the same brand as ours? Not quite as big though.

Video game lounge with old-school consoles. They keep the CRT TV because apparently the old NES gun doesn’t work with modern TVs


Classroom area/library.

This vending machine pops fresh flavored popcorn!

They can use the parking lot/courtyard for outdoor activities. Across the courtyard is a big metalworking space and a separate woodworking space.


Injection Molder :astonished:

CNC of some kind

Welding area


Outdoor forging area

View from out the back.


Sweet metal shop!


That is one immaculate kitchen!