Vinyl Cutter back on line!

Hey all! @Janet kindly helped me place an Amazon order for a new blade holder for our vinyl cutter along with some new blades

It now take the regular 2mm blades!
I recommend those who want to hardcore cut large amounts buy their own blades. I have a bunch I bought off of aliexpress. If you want your own set, come talk to me.


Still trying to work out the optimal settings for the new setup. But check out this experiment:


Amazing! All I did was click “buy”. Thanks for getting this going and setup again. I am super excited!

P.S. For anyone interested in this machine check out details on the wiki


thanks for linking the wiki. i have updated the section of blades.


Thanks!! Well that is darn convenient timing. I just bought a bunch of vinyl and transfer tape and was going to have a friend cut me some decals on their Cricut. I may try my hand on this instead.

Quick question, I don’t know anything about the various kinds of vinyl. Are the long rolls of vinyl that are there suitable for exterior application? I’ve been wanting to make a decal for the side of our car

Thanks for doing this. I also have a couple of designs I’d like to try.

Not sure what the question is ? It’s not a complete sentence, more of a phrase :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure what is missing, I’ll rephrase. Can the vinyl which is there at the space in long rolls be used for outdoor applications such as car decals?

Hey! Do you mean the stash of vinyl that SignGuy scored for the space at the bunker? Pretty sure that’s all been used/binned. This is the kind of stuff folks have used recently on that machine

Might be worth sourcing some so you know for sure it’ll be permant/work on yer car. Also I hope you are putting some flames on it! :smiley:

This is a fun vinyl stencil project. Wouldn’t mind making some laser moose beer steins.

Oh sorry I did not think about the ones we have already. I assumed you were asking about buying some.
We do have some rolls. They are old and in weird and ugly colours