VHS Homework Assignment #1 - Your first visit to VHS


^^^ can we keep her? :smiley: Epic response!


The first time I visited VHS was years ago in the back alley off Hastings. I can’t really remember what I was there for or what I talked about.

The second time I visited VHS was last night where I was very excited to discover that more or less all the tools I need to do a project I’m starting (make-my-own-shave-brush) are available.

I’ve sent a note to become a member and will be keeping an eye out for the upcoming lathe training. Can’t wait!


First visit was really enlightening! Rob showed me around, gave the grand tour as it were, and really made me feel at home. Signed up the next day. thanks!


My first visit was a few months ago. I looked up the hackerspace after having been to Noisebridge in San Francisco a few times, wondering if there was something similar in Vancouver. I was really impressed by the organization of the space and I was interested in learning how to lasercut and 3D print, so I was very excited by what I saw. I unfortunately can’t remember the name of the man who showed me around (maybe possibly Michael?), but he was extremely friendly and helpful. As soon as I left I knew I wanted to sign up.


Hello everyone !!

My first visit to VHS was great !!

I met the robot maker, Dan Royer, and a very experienced programmer (who’s name embarrassingly escapes me for now…)

I brought my friend Eric with me. He sat there blankly. Bored. The culture was just too different for him.

I selfishly ignored his awkwardness and went around mingling with a number of different people. There were visitors in from the Calgary Hackspace. We stood by the vending machine and had a lengthy discussion on how bots will eventually lead to mass unemployment and the attendant security issues humanity faces as machines get smarter than us…

There seemed to be a small laser training session going on. I quietly stood nearby and gleaned whatever knowledge I could for a few minutes.

A lady came in with an oldish looking electronic drumming machine. Dan set about helping her try to hack it back to life. I think they hit a snag when they couldn’t find any 1/4" cable connectors to plug into the thing.

I skimmed over the library and couldn’t resist taking some books for a donation. Most of them were fairly dated, but they seemed to be on more timeless issues than the latest high level programs & chips in vogue and were more about basic electronics theory & machine shop equipment…

I had a nice chat with a young man trying to hack together a homebuilt pickup wiring it into his arduino to make a digitally synthesized guitar simulator. (or something approximately like that…)

Later on in the evening, some folks showed up and brought their kids. That was cool. One day I hope to bring my son along too.

I first heard of VHS on a google search.

The only bad thing about my visit was that it eventually had to end !!


I was welcomed by en eyeful of fuchsia and if those walls hadn’t made me feel happy enough, Andrew (the first guy to welcome me) gave me an orientation and then took it to the next level by offering me some of his home made Ginger Ale! Although secretly hoping it was going to be alcoholic, it was still very tasty. Past the ‘clever guys’ at the computers where I found Luke and Logan playing in the wood workshop. I instantly felt at home as they talked me through what they were working on; Logan was knocking up a workbench for the space and Luke was making a series of mazes for robots. Down to the end, aaah there it was, the lasercutter. “Looking forward to playing with that” I thought to myself. I got a great vibe from the VHS and it wasn’t just from the walls; friendly people, chilled environment, helpful attitude; “This beats MakerLabs and CoLab any day” I thought to myself and sign up I did the following week!


Ok…wow…not sure what to say…Seriously blown away on my first visit! Very lucky to have meet Denis a few months back, who graciously gave me my first tour! I came to an open house approximately a year ago. The location was different, and everything was packed into boxes and crates bound for there new home on Cook Street. It was chaos. I wasn’t sure what to think. Well some time has passed since then and what a difference! The members have done an amazing job setting up the place.
Denis quickly explained the Do-ocracy priciple so i got strait to work!(I emptied the garbage can! lol)
I have many cool projects planned. i mainly like to build props at this point, so any other prop makers please send me a message.
David Black