VHS Equipment Review Project - Part Deux


Hi all,

First, I’d like to thank @lukecyca, @SteveRoy, @rsim, @Jarrett, @Rebel_without_Clause, @Janet, and @faja66 for providing information and feedback on the process. It’s my hope that the remaining equipment now has clear champions who can ensure VHS gets good value out of it.

I’d like to address some of the points mentioned above here:

But the timeline on this was way to fast. It would be good to give us a chance to look at some of the stuff. Can we please make this at least 1 week for the future?

  • The timeline for discussion on this was the same time as @Majicj thread, one week.
  • Most discussion occurred on the first day, then 5 days of radio silence until my 2 day warning.

Maybe the committees (woodshop, laser cutter, electronics) and frequent users of those sections can decide what is useless (non-functioning, costs too much to repair, rare parts, etc.), what can be saved, etc.

  • The whole VHS community was invited to chime in twice over the 7 day period here, in email, and in Slack.
  • Keep in mind that it wasn’t junked, but went to https://www.freegeekvancouver.org/. Organizations like freegeek are perfect because they refurbish and redistribute old equipment in a sustainable way; what isn’t resold is recycled. Their organization is literally built around this model in a way that VHS can’t hope to compete with.


Thank you everyone for the inputs!
(1) I used the 36V, 10A power supply in June-July, and planned to use it again, hence my request to save it, before the long silence period.
It was great for “Power Electronics” & “Motor Drives” circuits.

(2) FreeGeek does donate equipment to non-profits, so we can ask it (and the other required things) as a “donation”. Else we should think of getting a 0-48 V DC, 0-15 A power supply. See Bob Pease’s (Electronics Guru & amazing maker-designer) of the futility of building your own variable power supply with “Power Folding Curve”.

(3) The last call had too short a time frame to even respond, my plan was to come in today to check the other 3 Electronics instruments.



Those things are gone and are now FreeGeek’s property. I propose we move on from discussing the particular items donated to Free Geek, and focus on process instead.


Thanks so much for all your hard work @Andrew_Hendriks and all who helped! Yes i am fairly active but still seem to miss out on some posts!


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