VHS Equipment Review - Heath Slumburger Auto Ranging Frequency Counter - To 3 Week Bin


Heath Slumburger Auto Ranging Frequency Counter

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Keep it , bin it, sell on eBay, start up a new VHS Museum, claim it?


Get rid of it. 30MHz on the top end - Our scope can do better than that


Agreed… ditch it. Cripes, 30MHz doesn’t even get you into the low end of the standard FM broadcast band. And, these days, you can buy a module that goes to 2.4 GHz…
…for about $10 US…


Unless someone would like to ebay this, please toss it in the three week bin!


Agreed: toss it


3 votes to toss. This will go to the 3 week bin.


I can take it (apart).


I’m going to put this into the 3 week bin.

Why don’t you grab it from there if it’s still around in a while as you have lots of other gear?



Claimed & Removed from VHS.


I specifically stated that I wanted to leave this in the 3 week bin so that others could have a chance to take this apart.

You have already lots of equipment from VHS so perhaps consider letting other folks who may not be on slack/talk having a chance to hack some of this equipment?