VHS Electronic Parts Cataloging

Hi all, in hopes of making VHS’ electronics parts library gather a bit less dust, I’ve started this spreadsheet to list what electronic parts we have on hand. I haven’t added quantities, but I’m only adding things to this spreadsheet that we already have stock of. If it’s in this spreadsheet, we have it here at VHS (unless someone has used the last one of anything, which is unlikely, but would be nice).

Here is a link to an album containing some photos of some of our electronics parts.

To do:

  • add more links to datasheets
  • add resistors/capacitors/inductors/crystals/etc.
  • add more SMD components. (see @lukecyca’s spreadsheet here )
  • finish labelling the drawers
  • add some rough quantities to things (e.g. several, several dozen, a few hundred, a metric crap ton, etc.)

Hopefully this makes these parts more easy to be used (so that we start using these parts), and will provide a quick reference to see if you can save yourself a trip to Lee’s every once in a while. I’ve also pinned the link to this inventory on the #electronics Slack channel. There are some really neat and/or unusual parts that would come in handy for some projects. Here are some examples…

  • LM1830 Fluid Detector/Sensor (use instead of a float switch to detect presence/absence of water)
  • LM3900 Quad Norton Amplifier (multi-channel audio mixer, perhaps?)
  • ULN2803A 8 Darlington transistor array (useful for driving higher power loads with a microcontroller)
  • 1N34A Germanium Diodes (useful for guitar effects pedals for audio signal clipping/distortion due to their low forward voltage compared to silicon diodes)

Impressive undertaking, thanks for spending that time!

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I’m still getting used to the unusually high “getting shit done” factor at VHS. This rocks!!


Those germanium diodes make for amazing Crystal radio rectifiers. Hmmm… How many are there? Maybe i could put together a bunch of kits.


I think there are a few dozen of the IN34A germanium diodes, but I know for sure that there are at least a few.