VHS and Makers Making Change meetup



I been tagged on slack a while back about having a time for VHS members/community to meet up with some of my team, Makers Making Change.

We ran the Access Makeathon back in January (largely through the help of VHS), received the Google.org grant to create the LipSync, and are now focused on building a network connecting makers to people with disabilities to create access solutions across Canada.

I was hoping to have a night at VHS that our team could come down and meet interested folks.

I propose next Tuesday, July 18 at 7pm to coincide with regular open house night, but incase that is bad I also made a fancy doodle thing:


I’ll bring some beer.



Ah, damn, I totally would have gone to this! I’m not around next week, though :disappointed:


Ditto, out of town that whole week. Sorry Chad, I’d have LOVED this.


I will do my best to attend.

I have personal interest in integrated perceptions solutions to compensate for limited vision.
You see I am half blind. I do many things by feel, but kissing the pavement because I don’t see a curb does get tiring.

Wonderful things for me would be eye tracking, would could be switched to follow sentence mode. And would beep when my eye word skips. Eye tracking / training for regular reading and speed reading would be just a wonderful thing.


Added another 3 dates (following week). Plus I am working on being a keyholder so you’ll see more of me at the space – but the real magic is to connect y’all to my crew.


Edited doodle link to have more days:



Sorry your crew…of what? Pirates :smile_cat:


You have a crew of pirates? I thought i was the only pirate around these


Arg mates, the votes have been tallied. The winner is Thursday July 27, 7pm and onwards. Cheers, we’ll bring some of our projects in development. Chad


Hi Chad:

I have added this event to the VHS events Calendar.

This will help avoid potential conflicts with other events.



Cheers will do tonight need to get up to speed with the wiki / org practics. Cheers


Already done. One of the side effects of adding events to our calendar is that they show up as part of VHS events on Meetup.com which means this event is visible to all the meetup folks. Is this ok? We can manually delete this event from meetup.com if you don’t want it there.



Tonight’s the night! I will be bringing a few growlers, some nibbles, and a couple projects. Where do you get a cider growler filled in the hood?


Sounds good, I’ll be there!


Ok Im interested too,



Thanks VHS peeps for taking time connecting with the Neil squire / Makers Making Change team. Also, you really made my extended family feel welcomed which I deeply appreciate.


It was a great night! Looking forward to the next one.