Vancouver Maker Faire 2019


Someone pointed out in VHS Slack that Maker Faire is back again this year, and the call for makers is open!

It’s going to be a smaller one day event held at Science World on Saturday, Sept 14 2019. Not sure exactly how it will work or be laid out, but if anyone is interested in exhibiting individually or getting together a VHS booth, it’s time to start planning.


See #vanmakerfaire2019


Curses - I guess it’s not looking good then. Although Van Maker Faire was always volunteer run right?


I’ve checked with several people and according to them, the Vancouver event is unaffected by the issues at the head office and magazine.


Maker Media is laying off staff. Media Maker is just one of the organizations behind Maker Faire.


Most maker fairs, especially “Mini” ones are entirely independent events and organizations, they just use the name as a free license to market themselves as a similar style event. I believe Maker Faire will still exist in a less official capacity for a while.

I haven’t signed up yet but I plan to get an artist booth this year, I did one last year and had a great time.