Update - Covid - Forgot pant pattern (brown roll of paper)

Hello everyone, I have been tested positive for Covid since Tuesday, Jan. 4. I was going to go get the pant pattern (explained below) but have been unable to. I need to self quarantine for 5 days.

I would really appreciate if someone label that paper roll with my name “Mary - Pant Pattern - Jan. 5” and store it in the small office room upstairs.

I hope it hasn’t been thrown out :frowning:

Thank you,


Hello everyone! Hahahahappy NEW YEAR!!! Let’s start the year with a big smile from ear to ear. We made it to 2022, we are survivors! :slight_smile:

If you see a big roll of brown paper right by where that big screen is next to the drafting table- please let it be there, it’s not garbage, it’s something I’m working on. I will remove it sometime tomorrow evening :slight_smile: Sunday Jan. 2. I left the space, forgot it there and I will freeze up if I go back outside.

Thanks all!



Hey Mary,

Just for contact tracing purposes, What date were you at the space.

And if you know, Do you think you were exposed before or after you were at the space?

I hope you get well soon. I might drop by the space today and double check if your pattern is still there.

Hi Mary, thanks for informing us. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

The directors would like to reach out directly to people who were in the space at the same time as you to inform them. Please contact us at directors@vanhack.ca.