Upcycled materials for home renovations

Hi, I am doing some DIY on an old house, I was wondering if there is a group or organization that upcycles things reclaimed from demolished houses.
For example, I need to replace a faucet but don’t want to spend $100 on buying one from Homedepot. Cheap to free is where my budget is.

Can anyone advise if there is such a group?

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Faucets in particular I’ve seen in the scrapheap at North Star Metal

There are some used building supply stores in the lower mainland, such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.


I’m not aware of any organization but you should keep an eye on the free things at Craigslist…

+1 to ReStore / Habitat for Humanity


Vancouver Heritage Foundation used to do a yearly salvage sale where you could buy fixtures, doors, planks, etc. Sadly they no longer do this.

ReStore and Craigslist are your best bets.

Also some of the Antique stores on Main St. often have light fixtures, old doors, glass doorknobs, etc.

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+1 on ReStore, they have multiple locations in the lower mainland, each with their own unique inventory, and great deals on an assortment of home-renovation items, from simple plumbing to whole kitchens or bathrooms.

Also I recently discovered a place in maple ridge called MRNU and they had a HUGE selection of doors and windows, and an assortment of plumbing and flooring that was far less extensive.

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We bought a lot of stuff at ReStore when we were putting in new countertops and floors in our cottage kitchen and bathroom. Got fantastic deals on tile for the floor and kitchen island countertop as well as plastic laminate for the kitchen counters.

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