Today I need to get my hands on an 8port non-raid SAS HBA that'll work with FreeNAS


Anyone got a spare FreeNAS (FreeBSD) compatible PCI-Express, 8port, SAS,
Non-Raid HBA adaptor they’d be willing to part with.

I need to get one today for an emergency project.


I think there was a NAS storage cabinet at FreeGeek last week, if it is acceptable substitute.


Im pretty sure I got one.


Umm, I believe I brought one in and it’s sitting above the 3d printers, if not it’s in my locker. It’s an 8 port.

I have 4 port card at my home if you want to pick that up instead.



You happen to know the brand/model numbers? I’d be interested in buying both
the 4 and 8 port cards, Price?

I’ll try and swing by the space late afternoon or early evening if someone
has it open.

I’ve had a package from Steve Roy sitting in the drop box for a number of
months now (oops).


LSI Logic L3-25121-61a 4-port < this one is at my home (pm me for address, i work from home and will be here till atleast 5)
LSI SAS3081E-R 8-port < i think this is the part number, and it think it’s at VHS (either above the 3d printers or in my locker)

Dont worry about paying for em.


Thanks mate, I’ll have to coordinate with you late on the weekend or early
next week about the 4port unit. Much appreciated!

I see the space is open until 7pm, so on my way over shortly.


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