The VHS Minutes Thread!


Took our electronic waste bin to Free Geek to empty it.


Thanks so much!


Did maintenance on Buffy the Dust Slayer (our roomba). Now deep charging over near the Leopard room. May need a battery replacement.


  • Wiped down this table and removed a bunch of miscellany
  • Printed 10 copies, double sided, of liability waivers (we were out)
  • Tested all the pens on this table, threw out all the ones that didn’t work
  • Hunted around the space throwing out garbage
  • Swept the woodshop floor and work surface after @Majicj did hero-level trash removal

Looking for something to do tonight? Here are some ideas:

  • Test all the markers and pens on the main tables
  • Find a permanent home for the drills and chargers
  • Wipe dusty surfaces (sewing table, craft table, coffee table)
  • Tidy something else


Fixed the green horizontal metal bandsaw, it wasnt tracking right (turns out if you over tension the blade the frame flexes and the blade comes off, also the guides were not set right), also put a new cord end as the last one didnt have a ground prong and I enjoy the lack of tingly feelings when using power tools.