The VHS Minutes Thread!


Today I…

  1. Recorded the minutes of the QGM :slight_smile:

  2. Estimated how much activated charcoal pellets we might want in the laser filtration system, found a reasonably priced listing on Amazon, and ordered 5 litres, which should be enough for about 6mm depth across all six trays. If this works well we can order a larger quantity next time. It’s consumable so we’ll want to pay attention to the exhaust smell. Our filtration system was always intended to use activated charcoal but for whatever reason there hasn’t been any in there for a long time. Maybe it constrained the flow too much?


turns out the current design with a huge cross section area flowing through a very shallow layer of filter medium may not be as good as we thought; we may want to bikeshed^Wdesign an inline filter, where a section of duct can get packed with filter medium.


Was at VHS yesterday with @chadleaman and spent a bunch of minutes taking type out of the attic in preparation for a meeting today. Thanks to the folks who wrapped it previously - made it a lot easier.


Also @JohnC spent more than a minute sorting a bunch of electronic componenets.


On saturday I did a bit more on the floor in the machine shop, and got the lathe standing on its own four feet.
I also adjusted the heating duct on the woodshop side of the space; it turns out that you can just rotate duct elbows! I’ll try to get a wire wrapped around it, secured to the ceiling to keep it from rotating down.


Did some minutes getting type packed up and picked up by SFU and Malaspina Printworks. Thanks @xquared for the help.