The VHS Minutes Thread!


Email Number 7, Round 2 sourcing replacement gas spring for laser cutter lid.


Thanks @jdmc!


Brought in filters and emptied the garbages I could lift with ma weak illustrator arms. One is full of really heavy stuff…and it looks like it is full of clay.

On the upside - I seem to have fixed the laser/or at least ensured that it was working.


(1) Monday (Oct 8th): Clean the lathe (as much nooks and crannies as possible), removed swarf, etc.
(2) Sprayed WD-40 on sliding-mating surfaces.
(3) @arwemakere (Bill) fixed the pulley on the Manual milling machine (shaft screw was left loose and made horrible grinding noise) and oiled the lathe.
(4) @rsim cleaned the lathe floor.



When I was at the space on Thursday it was looking pretty great. Thanks for all the minutes VHS. It really helps us look good for open nights like tonight. We rock.