The VHS Minutes Thread!


Email Number 7, Round 2 sourcing replacement gas spring for laser cutter lid.


Thanks @jdmc!


Brought in filters and emptied the garbages I could lift with ma weak illustrator arms. One is full of really heavy stuff…and it looks like it is full of clay.

On the upside - I seem to have fixed the laser/or at least ensured that it was working.


(1) Monday (Oct 8th): Clean the lathe (as much nooks and crannies as possible), removed swarf, etc.
(2) Sprayed WD-40 on sliding-mating surfaces.
(3) @Billiam (Bill) fixed the pulley on the Manual milling machine (shaft screw was left loose and made horrible grinding noise) and oiled the lathe.
(4) @rsim cleaned the lathe floor.



When I was at the space on Thursday it was looking pretty great. Thanks for all the minutes VHS. It really helps us look good for open nights like tonight. We rock.


Cleaned garbage beans including woodshop one with a broken fluorescent light bulbs. Light bulbs stored in loading bay area behind the garbage containers in the corner.


I brought in some new carbon lasercutter filters and left them down the side with the other filters. These are really high quality and especially good for stinky stuff like acrylic, etc.


I tuned up the #4 plane a bit. The frog was too far back which was causing the blade to ride on the back of the throat. I also fixed the yoke by squeezing it so it could actually be captured by the adjustment knob. It could use a resharpening a bit, but that was beyond the time I had. A quick test on a board showed it was singing again and with the yoke fixed minor adjustments are possible again.

I also put a bunch of clamps back together; if anyone is having problems with the quick set clamps having their ends fall off, please ask me in person and I’ll show you how to re-assemble. Just takes a quick positioning and a light tap to put them back on. I’ll probably throw a bit of wire at the end of these to prevent them from traveling beyond the end.


Just ordered some RGB LED xmas tree soldering kits in order to do a couple of build nights at VHS in December. They are awesome and look like this:

I will be selling them at cost (~ $10) One will permanently live at the space as a sign of our aewsomeness! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a couple unbuult from last year will bring with me.


I blogged about the upcoming Culture Crawl and the VHS members who are part of it.


I tidied up underneath the Solidworks PC and moved the old printer there.

  • Replaced laser filter pressure sensors
  • Replaced several laser filters
  • Emptied trash bins


With our big move coming up in January, getting those minutes in is super helpful to VHS! When you’re at the space please remember to throw out garbage/tidy/organize/sort/clean etc. Every little bit helps make our move faster and easier. Thanks!


I was at the space last night and spent a VHS minute salting the sidewalk because of the snow prediction. Also many thanks to @lukecyca for clearing away the snow this AM. Hopefully we won’t have to do many more “snow minutes” this season. :smiley:


I cleaned out all 5 growlers stashed away in various fridges and set up a clean growler storage area

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I forgot all about the “Minute for VHS” thread.

I mixed some cement today.


Yesterday @sylvia, Roxy, Haley and I painted the front office’s walls and ceiling. There are still a few little places to just touch up but it’s mostly done.


I updated two online hackspace indexes

Feel free to look for others and add VHS or update existing info!