The VHS Minutes Thread!


Hunted around for the missing WERA screwdrivers and returned them to their perch.

I also cleaned off the flathead that someone had used as a putty knife. Please use a junkier screwdriver for prying or puttying. Thx!


If only there were bits of scrap wood or plastic or cardboard in the space, one could use that as a putty knife :roll_eyes:


Even though I just stopped in last night to pick some stuff up:

  • Reset Dustin on his charger
  • Pressed the “go” button on his fully-charged little sister, Buffy
  • Reduced the volume of our laser cutter scrap pile without getting rid of anything useful:

For exampe, start (right), and finished (left):

Whether or not the leftover parts are actually useful or if they should be kept is debatable. But getting rid of the useless bits is good for everyone!


Laser stuff done today:

Realigned mirrors 2 & 3, cleaned all 3 mirrors and focus lens.
Cut new material clamps since they tend to run away at night…

I made 2 files for clamps in :
Laser User Files/!Laser Stuff!/ :
…/3mm clamp
…/6mm clamp
as well as
…/ENGRAVING TEST (updated, cleaner)


Could we get a list going for tasks people could potentially knock off?
I eventually sorted some bins today, but it took more than my allotted one minute to figure out what to do :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea. Do you think it should be a separate thread?


I attended a workshop at VIVO this weekend, and after it was over I asked the instructors if it was okay to hand out some VHS stickers.

They said yes, so now 8 more people know about VHS. Thanks to @xquared for getting the stickers made!


Just made a One Minute for VHS Suggestions thread!


Cleaned out Dustin - he had tons of hair round his brushes/gears and he was full of bolts for some reason. Cut all that stuff off and then released him into the space to do more damage.


Updated the ‘Join Us’/membership page with the new membership dues and did some small updates so the signup process becomes more clear.


Updated the site to include last usage (or in the case that it is currently in-use, how long it has been used), and a favicon because lasers should have lasery icons.


I ordered filters for the lasercutter. We had a smell complaint from another tenant. Makes sense - filters will cut that down and with busy cutting season approaching it’ll be less stinky outside and inside the space. Thanks LCC for approving that purchase.


I brought the VHS sign inside on my way home when it was accidentally left outside.


Repaired a pair of laser goggles.


Brought in and fixed a thickness sander


Watered the plants. Left a bunch of candy.


Ate candy.


Did a little lunchtime backlink updating to help with SEO.


I recorded a walkthrough video

And here it is, currently unlisted pending comments or whatever. :slight_smile:


That tour is awesome!