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Does anyone else grow their own sprouts? I’ve been doing it for about a year now and really liking the results. Currently I mostly grow a mix of Radish, Broccoli, and Alfalfa seeds. I use a sprouting jar lid with a wide-mouth mason. It’s very low-effort which is my favourite part. :smiley:

If I buy a 5 lb bag of sprouting mix it works out to about 14bux a lb of seed which is very economical since a full widemouth mason jar of sprouts takes only 3 tablespoons of seeds vs a supermarket pack of grown sprouts which costs about 4bux. Also my crop tastes much better imo :smiley:

Here are some pics before I switched to my fancy pants lid and just used cheesecloth.

Now I use this sprouter lid:



I did try last year. I used a mason jar with the proper lid.
I rinsed twice a day etc, but got sick the first time I tried them - not sure if it was the sprouts or something else so I haven’t tried since

Sorry to hear that. Do you remember what you were sprouting?

Was it mung bean sprouts? I avoided those because my place is so warm. Had good luck tho with alfalfa-type stuff.

It may have been mung. I bought 2 packs, one was mung, the other a mix.
Can I get a small sample of what you are using and I’ll try again?

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of course! Will bring in some for you tomorrow and leave in the dropbox. The source is good - I’ve been making sprouts from this batch for a while. Will bring you some from the same bag I’ve been using.

Here’s the brand I buy.

edit: also no mung beans in that mix.



That was fast!

I’m still doing this. Anyone else want to try growing sprouts at home? If so, let me know if you want some seeds to try.

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It’s so easy and the mix that @janet is using makes awesome tasting sprouts.
A mason jar and $7 lid from Manderville Garden near Holdem in Burnaby and you are set.


I used to sprout with cheese cloth, then plastic mesh and rubber bands. It was all kinda icky. As a direct result of your post @Janet I bought a 6 packs of mason sprouting lids ~$20, and a kg of simple alfalfa sprouts.

The sprouts are taking over

Somewhat related, I made black hummus. I took these jars into work.

Sandwich porn. Super thin sourdough.


oo that all looks really good. What recipe do you use for black bean hummus? Gotta try that.

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No recipe. Black beans, olive oil, tahini, corriander, cumin, garlic, paprika, cayenne, and lotsa lemon juice.


Hey all - reviving this thread because I think many of us are unable to leave the house for groceries. This is a good way to take control of supplying yourself with nutritious greens that taste great. You can grow sprouts in only 3 days with no soil, in a jar or any other clean clear container.

Here are lids:
(not required - you can use a tea towel or cheese cloth for the draining)

Seeds are here:

I like the alfalfa a lot!


Ramping up production. These are 1L jars


If anyone needs groceries etc I can deliver.

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Anyone mind if I make this a public thread? Then non-members can see it.

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I’m just making this thread public so others can see it who may find it useful during this crazy time. If anyone has a problem with that please pm me and I’ll be happy to make it private again. Cheers.


Anyone still making sprouts? Lately I’ve been making this mix.

There are no hulls to wash off and it grows in 3 days in a mason jar. A really good way to get some nutritious greens that are fresh and tasty without having to go to a grocery store.


I’ve changed the title of this thread to include growing other veggies, as I know many members are working on indoor, outdoor, and even hydroponic projects. And now with Covid, many people are getting started growing their own food supply. If you’re one of these folks, please post your projects here.

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I don’t have any outside garden access but I wanted to grow my own herbs and greens. I’ve started doing that using the Kratky method which is a low fuss/cost, basic passive hydroponics set-up without pumps or any other fancy equipment. I’m using mason jars filled with nutrient solution to grow Dill, Mint, and Cilantro. I have these jars under a simple full-spectrum led grow light in a clamp lamp, but now that they are established I’ll be able to grow them on a sunny windowsill in my apartment.

I’ve also started a Kratky setup to grow bok choy and lettuce in some 11 L rubbermaid bins. They are just starting to sprout. The jars are to increase humidity around the seedlings.

Besides saving space, and being an indoor garden, the other big advantage to working without soil is fewer bugs to deal with.

Here’s more info on the Kratky Method:

I’ve always enjoyed growing stuff but Covid-19 pushed me over into starting hydroponics. Now that I’ve started – I’ve wondered why I waited so long to do this. Shout out to VHS member @Hekseskudd for the inspiration and advice.