Thanks so much for the VHS experience!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say thanks so much for hosting us Flash Forest interns in the VHS over the last few months! I loved meeting many of you and learning about your awesome projects, and appreciated your willingness to help us out when we needed it. I’m moving onto another co-op job this January where it seems like I will be working in the office, but if I end up having some free time (and/or if I end up needing to work remotely), I would love to rejoin the VHS! Hope to see you all sometime again!

Also, there’s a 1x2x8 piece of wood in the wood shop as well as a 1/4" board for the laser cutter that have my name on them, but anyone is free to use these if they’d like!



We will miss you. You guys really got the VHS sprit and learned the tools and help maintain and troubleshoot our equipment. It was really nice having you around. And if the robot drone were to take over the world, now we know we got someone on the inside who knows their weaknesses.


Wish you the best with the new job, hope to see you guys around again sometime!