Tally Ho!

If you are a woodworker and/or are interested in wooden boat building/restoration, you need to check out the YouTube channel about the complete teardown and restoration of a 111 year old, 48 foot yacht called the Tally Ho.

The restoration is being carried out by a young English fellow working in Sequim, Washington. He started in 2017 and has so far created about 95 extremely well produced and edited videos; better than most TV documentaries. The craftsmanship is incredible!

I started binge watching the videos a few weeks ago and am currently up to August 2020. Fair warning, the videos are quite addictive.


You should check out Acorn to Arabella, too. They’re doing a similar thing, with similar techniques.


They are next on my list after I get up-to-date with Tally Ho.

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Wow - this is quite an amazing!! Thanks @stevemopolis.

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i got sucked into a few of these right about the time he was having troubles with his neighbors

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This project is very cool, but I gotta admit I would not want to live next to it. :smiley: I hope he got things sorted out.