Tails USB Workshop Wednesday Jan 6th at 8:00 pm

Do you love being tracked?


Want to pretend you’re a secret agent?


Do you like awesome free stuff?


Let’s make a Tails USB!! Then go watch Archer on it


  • Guide people through setting up Tails on a USB.


  • 30 minutes and a USB (at least 8 Gigs!)
  • Attitude

What you get by attending:

A free, portable operating system that routes all network traffic over Tor, and immediately wipes when you unplug it from your machine. Chocked full of privacy tools designed for ease of use.

Please download Tails beforehand here

Post below if you want attend. I’ll pm a zoom link before we start!


I’m interested in attending. Hopefully I’ll have an epiphany. :grin:

I’d love to attend but tomorrow is my birthday and I think my wife has plans (aka cake). If possible I’ll jump in. I tried to download tails but of course my work’s VPN blocks the link (have PIA also so not a problem)…

Thanks for organizing!

Thank you. I’d like to attend.

I’m starting to see that this may be part of a larger discussion about privacy that I would love to start having within the community. I think Glenn Greenwald’s Ted Talk is a must see…

I forgot to say i’d also like to attend