Taig Tools and Accessories


I am finding that some parts and tools have moved from the Taig area into the lathe area or elsewhere where they have gotten damaged. Nearly all of the 1/4 ready rod is either damaged or missing. The spare headstock dovetail and riser are damaged. The vise endstop was just with a bunch of material. Please leave tools and parts with the machines they belong to.


That all being said would anyone want to contribute to buying some new T nuts, ready rod, a small bench/toolbox/computer stand, a few cutters, and a bottle of coolant concentrate?



I would like to contribute. What’s the best way?

  • eTransfer you some money?
  • Add some items to my next McMaster-Carr order?
  • Pick up some items locally?

Or work on a project?

  • Lock-out system for the Taig?
  • Some sort of locking cabinet?
  • Permanent labeling for Taig-related wrenches and other tooling?

Let me know what you see as the priority.


I’ll throw some in to the pot. I don’t use the Taig, but I have a dream of getting the coolant running on the lathe, so would probably mooch some coolant concentrate.



I think a list and a budget is the first step. The 1/4 ready rod is available on McMaster Carr for fairly cheap if you want to just order it. I think I will make the Tnuts as a tutorial and post it here on the forum as a guide.

  • Lock-out system for the Taig?
  • Some sort of locking cabinet?
  • Permanent labeling for Taig-related wrenches and other tooling?

These all sound good an RFID cabinet that unlocks both power and the commonly used tools would be pretty neat. Permanent labeling would be the easiest and quickest option going forward.


Thanks for the support, a 5 gallon jug will last a long time and would be plenty to use on the lathe aswell.


I’ll contribute some bucks. Happy to send you cash Brian - you know best what we need.


yep, me too


I’m in for dollars, seems simplest and requires least back and forth.


Happy to contribute. Can you come up with a dollar figure and method of payment?


The plan for the black cabinet has always been for it to be under RFID access for storing all these things - I know @TyIsI is pretty close on the tool RFID access system that we can/will use for both the cabinet and tools themselves. If someone wants to figure out how we can adapt the cabinet lock from key-controlled to powered that’d be awesome. The cabinet is unlocked and mostly empty right now, as its contents were put on a palette for the move.

We have probably about a gallon of not-great coolant concentrate right now, but I know you don’t like that stuff - so this seems the perfect time for us to settle on The One Coolant To Rule Them All for the shop, and buy it in bulk.

Count me in for $.


I’m also in for a donation


You mean “to Cool them all, and with the chips, flush them”


I am in for a donation too.


I got us a 2ft length of ready rod on my latest McMaster-Carr order. Will drop it off with the Taig this weekend. I figure we can hack it into a bunch of 2" and 3" pieces.

Where are we at with everything else?


I am waiting on a guy to get back from a trip to buy a bottle of coolant. I will follow up this weekend.