Some items for VHS for current or future space? (not for hacking)


Hi All,

  1. I have a 25’ft piece of new cool air alu foil ducting - could be useful at the next space.

  2. I have a almost new Japanese-made door closer.

  3. I have a handy vac, it does a great job, but the battery needs replacing as it lasts only a few minutes:

Let me know if these are wanted for the next space, perhaps. (Well maybe the vac could be useful today. or is it pointless to put new bat’s in?)


Hi Bob,
Thank you, the vac is useful immediately. The duct is great for dust-fume removal equipment and door closer can be useful.


Where should general use items for future use be put?
Is there a central storage area for items that individual members wont grab for themselves?
Like I know that the space is already rigged with conduit for moving air or extracting fumes.